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Other world computing has been providing the best and high-quality hardware products since 1988. As well as one of the largest online stores that offer Mac upgrades, accessories, and Apple certified products. The Company Located at Woodstock, Illinois by Larry O’Conner. OWC computing is supporting macsales.com too and you will save more money when you purchase online. We are offering you current valid coupons that make your deal pocket-friendly. You just need to apply the coupon and grab the offer until its close. Use the OWC Computing Promo Code 2020 and save up to 90% off.

OWC coupon & promo code


Otherworld computing is done hard work to stand the company here. OWC short story is given below:

The 1980s

At the age of 14 Larry, O’Connor starts LRO enterprises, a Printing business, in his family barn. 1 year later they sell computer memory chips via American online. After that company moved into its first office in Woodstock, Illinois. And hired employees to grow business.

The 1990s

In 1992, the company main focus on computers by offering hardware to its customers. After that, they moved LRO Company into a 2500-square foot office space. This expended 6500 square feet in the next eight years. In 1994 LRO enterprises replace the company name from “other world computing” (OWC). In 1995 company shipped its first OWC –branded products that are mercury G3 ZIF upgrade in 1999.

The 2000s

The company expanded and introduced the mercury classic elite line as well as offered an iPod case. In 2003 OWC announced a firewire / USB and firewire drive combination products. And also release a line of external storage products. Then OWC introduced many products like

  • iPod battery replacement program
  • Apple Mac Mini stack drive
  • Dual-HD external drives firewire drive
  • Firewire 400
  • USB 2.0

In January 2007, OWC announced it would be the US distributor of the axiotron mod book as well as introduced the OWC mercury rank praline and OWC blue-ray internal and external drives. After some time later OWC expanded its storage line with the OWC Mercury Elite Pro Qx2, desktop hardware RAID storage product.

The 2010s

The company announced mercury extreme solid-state drive and DATA doublers, for adding second internal drives to Mac Pro, Mac mini, Mac book, iMac computer, and Mac Book. It also introduced OWC slim eSATA. In 2011, OWC sales revenue increase as $88.3 million. As well as hire over 137 employees.

Solar power

The best thing is OWC adopted solar power energy sources for its two locations in Woodstock and Austin. It generates 265,000KWH per year solar power that means over for a year, OWC produces more power than it consumes. OWC complete work on the solar panel installation on the roof.

OWC Products

OWC markets provide you upgrade kits for iMac, Mac book Pro, Mac book Air, Mac mini, Mac Book and Mac Pro. The Data-Doublers installation kit allows customers to add a second 2.5″ SATA hard disk drive or solid-state drive to the optical drive bay of a Mac mini, Mac Book, Mac Book Pro or an iMac. The optical drive can then be re-purposed as an external drive. OWC designs and manufactures solid-state drives. Max RAM is a line of memory upgrades for Apple products. As well as you can save more by using the OWC discount code to save more dollars at every purchase of OWC products.

OWC computing coupon & promo code 2020

OWC services

The company does not compromise to provide the best service and customer support. They provide you with install video tutorials to understand the product and how its use. So you can easily understand the steps. OWC gives you order status check & tracking option for user convenience, you can easily check when your product will be delivered. Easy to return policy, if you are not satisfied with the product so, just send mail on OWC customer support after the approval company gives your refund in 30 working days. Not enough OWC services give you a lifetime warranty on its products as well as support archives. Its expert team is always ready to clear your queries. FAQ knowledge base questions are available in OWC macsales.com, Read and learn more about your problems.

OWC customer support

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